Why Ambit?

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The details that matter

Easily share all the ways you want to be contacted and followed. Build contacts as people share their details with you.

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Up to date, always

When your contacts make changes, you automatically get their new details.

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Synced with your contacts

When people share with you, we add them to your contacts and keep them up to date.

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You’re in control

You choose who has your details and you can stop sharing with anyone at any time.

Why people love Ambit

Ambit helps clean up my contacts and makes it easy for me to know who people are. I don’t have to spend time managing my address book anymore.

Philipp N
Philipp N

I love that Ambit keeps everything organized and up to date for me so I don’t have to worry about losing touch with my contacts simply because of outdated information.

Diane E
Diane E

I travel and meet new people all the time for work. I love that Ambit provides an easy way to keep all of those contacts organized and up-to-date with the information I need.

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